Product Concept

PNCA Collaborative Design students were asked by gDiapers, a Portland, OR based diaper company, to design an innovative solution to safely, easily, and reliably process soiled disposable diaper inserts for compost.

Both gDiapers and Collaborative Design focus on creating products and designs that will contribute to a shift toward a bioeconomy: simply put, rather than following the current ‘take-make-dispose’ model of consumption, the bioeconomy model is restorative and resilient, capitalizing on closing the nutrient cycle and using waste as a commodity.

The goal of this project was to find an easy solution to composting gDiapers biodegradable inserts, thereby reducing landfill waste and commodifying compost.

After an exploration of current products and existing problems, students concluded that the biggest obstacle to composting diapers is guaranteeing a pathogen-free end humus.

The Bellwether is a pasteurizing diaper pail that can be used in any home environment and allows parents to safely integrate soiled gDiapers into any existing composting system.

Designers: Kailey Fry, Jake McIntire, Alicia Navarrette, Shannon Paine, Jake Richardson, Crystal Rome, Melody Rowell, Emilie Skytta

*Please note: Bellwether was formerly branded as the gJacket. The Composting 101 manual still contains old branding. Please mentally replace all instances of ‘gJacket’ with ‘Bellwether’. Thank you.